Sayma Sultana

I am a PhD student in Department of Computer Science at Wayne State University. I am working in SEAL lab under the supervision of Dr. Amiangshu Bosu . My research focuses on diversity and inclusion in software engineering. My work also spans to the area of code review, social network analysis, software security and empirical software engineering. I have completed my undergrad from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology .

I pronounce my name as SY-muh sul-TAH-nuh.


  • S Sultana, J Sarker, A Bosu. A Rubric to Identify Misogynistic and Sexist Texts from Software Developer Communications, Emerging Results and Vision paper,15th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM) 2021, Bari, Italy
  • S Sultana, A Bosu. Are Code Review Processes Influenced by the Genders of the Participants?, Registered Report at ICSME 2021 (Virtual Event) 37th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution September 27 - October 1
  • S Sultana, LA Cavaletto, A Bosu. Identifying the Prevalence of Gender Biases among the Computing Organizations , 8th ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourageâ„¢ 2021, (coordinated from Prague, Czech Republic), 22-24 September, 2021
  • Dey R., Sultana S. , Razi A., Wisniewski P.J.. Exploring Smart Home Device Use by Airbnb Hosts. CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts, Honolulu, USA, April 2020
  • Education

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science at Wayne State University (Fall 2020 - present)
  • BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ( 2012 - 2017)
  • Experience

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Wayne State University, USA
  • Software Engineer Reve Systems , Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Contact


    5057 Woodward Ave., Suite# 3105, Detroit, MI 48202